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Cover most of the sectors of our country, providing our customers with products of the highest quality and acceptance. That is why we represent imported brands with a wide variety of products, distributed nationwide.

We are in search of an excellent position and at the forefront of the demands of the current market that is becoming more competitive every day, achieving high profitability, since we are committed to our employees, to the consumer and to the development of the Country.

We intend to ensure the success of the brands represented by our company, and increase the number of products, to provide the consumer with greater diversity, as well as attract new customers, and improve and optimize our services every day.

We invest in the training of sales and promotion officials, guiding them in the knowledge of the brands they are in charge of. Our policy, which together with the quality of the represented brands, is the means used by SIGMA S.R.L to make each product a success.

// We import quality, we distribute excellence //


We are 100% focused on quality. Since quality is our commitment to the companies that trust us.

We are aware of delivering on time, so our commitment is to respect the schedules stipulated above.

We are efficient and safe in our work. We always seek the best for the company and the client. Therefore we are 100% attentive.